Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I also enjoyed these images, but I do not believe that my company will have any use for them...

Little shop in dowtown KC,MO

Last Friday I was sent out to shoot around Kansas and Missouri. This is one of my favorites its a little shop in the Crossroads district.

Just couldn't wait till December!

I am going to start a count down of some amazing items for Christmas...but I found this and could not wait to post it! I love these two...hint hint!

You can purchase them here:


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artist Lecture Senior Year of College

This is a video that I played for an artist lecture I gave. It was basically about myself, my inspirations, and my artwork...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Final Phish Images

The balloon boy made it... and the image below balloon boy is once again the sign I just loved it!

Phish 8 still more...

The image above is one of the many street signs located through out the festival. Phish blew me away on how much detail they put into there festival. Each area of camping was named by a tittle of an album. Then each street within that certain camp ground was the songs that made up the album. I camped on Excile on Main St...Through out the festival everyone was trying to guess what album Phish was going to cover (the list being all of the campgrounds) They ended up covering the campground we stayed at...The Rolling Stones. It was amazing, although I was really hoping for some Micheal Jackson.
Above- Local Fresh amazingly good Lemon! We made freshly squeezed lemonade every day it was so good. Below are the fellas I camped with...silly boys.
This image below is the face made when eating a HUGE chunk of fresh lemon....

Phish 8 more....

This (image above) is what I call...Festy Feet! Grungy, dirty, and shows wears of the festival!

The image above does not tell the story like I was hoping it would....this is during the acoustic set Phish played Sunday afternoon. It was so HOT out, Trey started talking during one of the songs and began to suggest that if we wanted to sit down, we should. Immediately everyone sat down. It was the craziest thing to whiteness, around 30 Thousand fans sitting down. Phish played 2-3 more songs then Trey began to speak again...he told us that his sound manager had told him to tell us to sit down. Trey said he didn't like being told what to do and hated the fact that he had told us to do that. He said, look at me I can't sit down either, I have A.D.D. so it you want Please get up and dance! Then EVERYONE stood up. I had just gotten my way up to the front of all the fans to take the close up images when Trey had everyone sit down...I couldn't because I was stuck up next to the gate but boy was it a site to see.

Phish 8 Con't

The image above is the Polo Fields...this field was in the center of the festival and surrounded my a fence (image below).
This bus was amazing! It travels around the US about 5 people were riding it when we took a gander inside. They travel all year round and produce there own newspaper. I sat down and spoke with one of the people traveling in this bus and he explained to me how it has a sister van, they were meeting up after this festival. The inside of the bus was all wood paneling. It had a roomy kitchen, living room, upstairs....it was insane. This picture does not do it justice.

Phish 8

In the above image, Phish had a full out fresh Farmer's Market every morning. It was amazing to wake up and walk down the path to a huge plethora of fresh local fruits. Below is one of the campgrounds. Just to get an idea of what we were surrounded by when we camped.

These images are in Utah...Devil's Peek I believe. We stopped to stretch & I had to capture the colors of the rocks.

Check it out...I got the amazing chance to go to Indio, CA for Phish Festival 8.

Here are some of my pictures, I had to squirm my way to the VERY FRONT for some of the close up shots....

More of KC...

Around KC

I had the opportunity to go out and shoot a little bit of KC. It was for work, they needed building shots. I got a little distracted out in the middle of Kansas. Here are some of the pictures I took around KC...