Sunday, April 29, 2012

DTBL: Dumptruck Butterlips | Music

Any chance I get to see this band I am there I am so behind on blogging, forgive me! I am trying to play catch up tonight as you can tell. With that being said I have been to more than a  couple of there shows here in Lawrence and this post is a combination of a show was at The Granada as well as a little bit from New Years at the Jackpot both venues in Lawrence.

Ashes to Immortality | Music

Please check this band out! They are such a great band to groove to. They are a Local Lawrence, Ks band as well and I just can't get enough of them. Find where they are playing next and go see them: Ashes of Immortality!

Lovely Ladies...

These three ladies are amazing people and the best of friends. They wanted me to capture the love that they share before they start the next chapter of their lives.

Fire Tricks...

Welcome to Manhattan, KS- here are some talented folks spinning fire. I love the challenge of trying to capture a fire spinner without a tri-pod and all natural light. My favorite is the still images however I know the longer exposure shots; where you can capture the design of the fire are amazing as well!

Meet Dumptruck Butterlips

This is a local Lawrence, Ks band... if you ever get the chance to catch a show do so! They are nothing but talent and fun!  Check them out!