Friday, August 27, 2010

Horning's Hideout

At the end of this July I got the amazing opportunity to travel to a venue in North Plains Oregon called Horning's Hideout. The area is breathe taking and along with all of the scenic views it is also a pea cock farm! Wild pea cocks roam around you while you enjoy the music! I did not have my camera on me the entire time, actually only for the very last day. Here is some of what I captured!All around the camping grounds were different "temples" you could go inside of them kneel around them or just simply enjoy them by walking by.Along with all of the AMAZING festival food there was this doughnut shop called "Voodoo Doughnuts" I had seen an episode on the Food Network channel about this store. You can bring in anything you want and they will top it onto a doughnut! Here they had a maple long john topped with bacon! It was everyone's favorite and they ran out fast!

This is the band String Cheese Incident...I got up close at the beginning of the night and then headed towards the middle of the crowd at the end of the night. One of my all time favorite bands check them out if you have never heard of them!

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