Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eric + Katie I Wedding

I had the amazing opportunity to capture Katie and Eric's wedding day! It was in Chicago, IL and the couple had carefully selected gorgeous places to take pictures at! We started the morning at "Jahnke Central" we then got on a trolley and made some stops along the way. First stop was Oz Park (Katie-were not in Kansas anymore- sorry couldn't resist) Next we went to Museum Campus and Millennium Park-(where the Bean is!) We also managed to squeeze in Michigan Avenue and a few others. Then the trolley dropped us all of at Salvatore's Restorante where the grand event took place. 


  1. the pic with the frame is amazing!! love your blog!!

    Elisa's blog

  2. I absolutely love the frame picture. I just wanted to let you know I found it on Pinterest but it linked back to some random book website but with a little help from google I managed to track you down and pinned you myself. Love your work!